Decarceration for Greater New Orleans

Prison to Power

SisterHearts Re-Entry Program is focused on providing ex-offenders with a safe environment to achieve their goals with dignity. The program is centered around decarceration, offering a space for healing while rehumanizing those who have been incarcerated. SisterHearts also provides personal development courses, transportation, bank account support, driver’s license support and other resources to assist ex-offenders as they reintegrate into society. 

Working Together

The thrift store provides a space for formerly incarcerated individuals to develop a human-to-human connection through customer service. Individuals who work at SisterHearts are taught how to take hold of their agency, breaking down dependency habits built up during their incarceration to create more independence. After holding a job at SisterHearts, it’s easier for individuals to get a job because they have held one while gaining the soft skills to succeed.

Achieving Goals

Our goal is for re-entry program participants to become independent within six months, while gaining friendship, education, employment, and mental stability. The facility has one of the first decarceration programs in the Greater New Orleans area led by our specialist, Maryam Uloho. We monitor progress and offer counseling for those who may have difficulties along the way. Above all, SisterHearts will continue to act as a model for reintegrating people into society as functioning members.