Maryam the decarceration specialist in Arabi

Prison to Power

SisterHearts Re-Entry Program is focused on providing women a safe environment to achieve their goals with dignity. We have varies programs to assist residents to become fully independent. We offer personal development courses, such as Mindful Communication, that enables residents to readjust to society without conflict. We have a resource coordinator on site that guides residents to resource the are readily available in the community

Working Together

Initially all residents begin volunteering at the SisterHearts Thrift Store. This helps with readjusting to working life, while gaining social skills by being interactive with customers. It also gives them usable work experience to add to their resumes. The residents are able obtain job interview clothing from the store when needed. Their volunteer hours are beneficial and allows for the store to provide for their needs.

Achieving Goals

We strive for economic empowerment in Chalmette with all our residents. Our goal is for them to become independent within six months, gaining true friendship, education, employment, and mental stability for our program participants are our top concern at the center. Our facility have one of the first decarceration specialist in Chalmette. We monitor the residents progress and offer counseling for those who may hit some difficulties along the way. Maryam is the decarceration specialist in Arabi also.