The Initiator

Maryam Henderson-Uloho is the founder of SisterHearts Re-Entry Program (SHERO) and SisterHearts Thrift Store. When Maryam was in prison, she identified the need in the community to assist women transitioning from prison back into society. She recognized quite often that many people come out of prison with the intentions to better themselves but the pressures of day-to-day living make it hard for them to adjust. Many formerly incarcerated individuals are released with no support system, housing or funds. Making it impossible for them to achieve the goals they set for themselves prior to being released. Sometimes society makes life unnecessarily difficult for one to decarcerate after being incarcerated. ReEntry is becoming a social word not really intended to rehabilitate the criminal minds. Maryam vowed to be the bridge that the formerly incarcerated could cross over into society with dignity. She gives second chances to returning citizens while assisting them to build economic stability. In less than three (3) years SisterHearts through our founder, Maryam Henderson-Uloho through decarceration rose to become a reentry giant with only $40 in her pocket from selling junk out of a suitcase walking street corner to corner to having built a financial empire through her thrift store and transitional housing. She is now being nationally recognized as a motivational speaker, reentry specialist and entrepreneur. Maryam travels all over the country sharing her amazing story of how she rose from the devastation of Prison to Power.

Today, Maryam being the mother of seven children lives with her youngest son, Robert, in Arabi, Louisiana.